Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that typically affects a child’s social interaction and communication. Children w

Language Delay

Language delay is when a child is behind in their language development. They may have difficulty learning new words, putting words together

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Speech Delay

Speech delay is when a child is behind in their development of clear speech. This is different to language delay. For example, a child with a speech delay may have an age appropriate vocabulary but be difficult to understand, whereas a child with a language delay might say a few words clearly but at their age should be speaking in sentences. It is possible to have one without the other or both together. Some speech delays may be due to a physical problem such as a cleft palate or a hearing impairment, but most children have no specific reason for their speech delay. It is common for young children to shorten words eg. ‘nana’ instead of banana, leave off a sound eg. ‘poon’ instead of spoon, a

Milestones beyond 12 months

Children are constantly learning. The milestones from 0-12 months are jam packed. After the first year is when children really take off with their language, social and emotional development. This is the time when kids really start to show their personalities. Try to encourage their love of learning and new found independence. It can be frustrating and the term 'patience of a saint' comes to mind, but when you no longer have to wait on on your child hand and foot, you'll be glad of the effort! 18 months Social and emotional "Reads" board books on their own Hands things to others Language/Communication Strings words together in phrases eg. "up mama" Points to things to indicate their wants Fol

Milestones 0-12 months

Milestones are achievements that can be useful to see how your baby is developing emotionally, socially and physically. Each baby will grow and develop at their own speed, so use milestones as a rough guide only and don’t compare your baby to everyone else’s! But if you do have concerns about your baby’s development, speak with your doctor. 2 months Lifts head Responds to loud sounds Follows you with their eyes Smiles Brings hands to mouth Be concerned if your baby: Can’t lift head Doesn’t respond to loud sounds Doesn’t watch things as they move Has white or cloudy pupils (the black part of the eyes) Doesn’t smile at you Doesn’t bring hands to mouth Doesn’t move both arms and legs 4 months 2

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