Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a developmental problem where children have trouble focusing, can’t sit still a lot of th

The Day

The day the emergency room doctor said “You are lucky your child is so healthy” was the day that pushed me over the edge. Was I making this

Motor Delay

Motor delay is when a child does not reach the expected gross &/or fine motor skill milestones for their age. Motor delays are common and vary in severity. Some children with motor delays will eventually achieve their milestones at a later age, others may need therapy to reach their milestones, and some children may have a permanent disability. Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) or dyspraxia is a disorder where children have difficulty with coordinated motor skills. Children with DCD are often seen as clumsy. They have difficulty with a combination of fine motor skills (eg. handwriting, tying shoelaces) and gross motor skills (eg. walking, jumping). As a result, these children may str

Autism - a parent's journey

In 2013 when J was 20 months old he was officially diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. J’s diagnosis was heart wrenching. It made m

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