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10 May 2018

Mindfulness is ‘in’. Everyone is talking about it. From executives trying to improve their work performance to parents trying to build resilience in t...

4 Dec 2017

How do parents survive school holidays at home with the kids? It’s a serious question. Enquiring minds (mine in particular) want to know.

19 Nov 2017

The day the emergency room doctor said “You are lucky your child is so healthy” was the day that pushed me over the edge. Was I making this all up?

6 Nov 2017

In 2013 when J was 20 months old he was officially diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. J’s diagnosis was heart wrenching. It made me truly co...

17 Oct 2017

Do you have a child with a developmental delay? We are looking for parents that would be willing to write about their personal experience or be interv...

25 Sep 2017

Becoming a parent was one of the hardest things I’ve done, if not THE hardest. But they say the harder the challenge, the bigger the reward. I guess w...

11 Sep 2017

What happens when the baby does not follow the birth plan?

28 Aug 2017

Vomit. Just the thought of it makes me queasy. It was like a switch. The moment I became 6 weeks pregnant, the vomiting began.

12 Aug 2017

What happens when your 5yr old swallows a coin? PANIC! This is what happened one fateful Thursday last year.

10 Aug 2017

In medical school we were told that doctors make the worst patients and we should not treat ourselves or our family members. Despite this being sound...

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