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Do you have a child with a developmental delay?

We want to hear your story

Notebook and pencils

We are looking for parents that would be willing to write about their personal experience or be interviewed as part of a series of blog posts on developmental delay.

By sharing your personal story, you can help other parents going through a similar journey.

Many parents feel isolated and anxious when they suspect or discover their child has a developmental delay. They often doubt themselves, particularly if well-meaning friends and family try to reassure them that nothing is wrong. This is when it can be comforting to know that other parents have had a similar experience. To know that they are not alone. And know that YOU are not alone.

Stethoscopes & Little Folks is dedicated to supporting parents and their kids in their 'medical' journey. Part of that is learning through shared experiences. So please share your story!

PRIVACY: Let me know if you are happy to have your first name published with your story or if you would prefer to remain anonymous. Your contact details will not be shared with any third parties without your consent and will not be used for marketing or future communication other than what is necessary for this project. Make sure to subscribe to be notified when the post is published or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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